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My approach

Counselling sessions are geared towards building genuine connections in a safe and non-judgmental manner to explore thoughts, emotions and experiences. I strive to foster a collaborative and trusting relationship in which you can feel comfortable expressing yourself and where we will work towards your goals. Together we will embark on a journey of self discovery, uncovering the root cause(s) of your challenges and developing practical strategies to overcome them.

Focus Areas

My areas of focus encompass a wide range of concerns, including anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship difficulties, self-esteem, and life transitions.


Ultimately, my primary goal is to support you in developing resilience, self-awareness and personal growth. I am genuinely invested in your well being and committed to assisting you in navigating life challenges.


Counselling sessions can be scheduled face-to-face (in the Cape Town area) or via ZOOM or any suitable secure-video-conference service (Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Whatsapp Video). A typical counselling session lasts for approximately 50 minutes.    

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